Dante receives, disperses, picks and packs, assembles and repackages products for customers in multiple facilities strategically located in China and the US including Dallas, the east, and west coasts. We have continuous monitoring and systems updates, and boots on the ground management ensuring 24/7 real-time visibility to inventory.  Your goods are in good hands with Dante!

Dante handles all necessary warehousing needs for our clients including, tracking, monitoring, moving, managing and reporting cases, cartons, pallets and other product loads.

In all facilities we provide transloading, packaging, kitting, distribution, fulfillment and a full menu of value-added logistics services for our customers, such as display assembly for major retail customer chains, inspection, testing and sample packaging for shipment, all with serial number and lot control enabled by barcode (RF) scanning at entry and continuous system updates through processing.

We continually invest in technology, processes, people and facilities to optimize supply chains in demanding industries. Whether you’re a global Fortune 500 or a local market supplier, Dante is your trusted warehouse logistics partner.


For more information call:  855-506-0011 or email us at [email protected]