Dante’s capabilities are comprehensive and cover both primary and secondary packaging needs for our clients.  We offer; bottling, blistering, cartoning and compliance packaging. We also provide different packaging configurations, such as unit dose and we offer kitting if requested.

Blisters are available in large or small formats and can be thermoformed, Large and small formats

  • Run size flexibility
  • HUD
  • Unit dose packaging
  • Various lidding materials, pre-printed foil an option
  • Multiple product fill
  • Stability batches
  • Heat sealed or Cold formed
  • Child resistant or Compliance Unit-dose designed
  • Heat sealed cards can include dosage instructions etc.

Bottling is available in various sizes with run-size exibility although Dante specializes in bulk runs.  Our bottle options include child-resistant bottling, and come with twist off or snap on closures. Our bottles can also be senior-friendly. All bottle filling is done in state-of-the-art packaging suites providing positive pressure filling.


For any special bottling requests or needs please contact a Dante service rep.


Heat Sealed Carding and Cartoning:

Dante provides turnkey project management and handles mainly bulk volumes.

We offer design and graphic capabilities should you need such support.. As with bottling, we also provide CR (child resistant) and senior-friendly design and packaging.  Our heat-sealed cards can optionally provide dosing instructions, patient record keeping, or any other marketing materials you may desire.


Parenteral Packaging and Vial Ampule Labeling:

Capabilities include: Cold chain, run-size exibility although we do specialize in bulk runs.  Our in- line vision systems guarantee accurate label placement everytime. We also have horizontal or vertical labeling equipment and in-line cartoning for your labeling needs


Over-Labeling and Kit Assembly:

Our In-line vision systems guarantee accurate label placement everytime.  We also provide retail, institutional and clinical packaging including demonstration kits and promotional material.


For more information call:  855-506-0011 or email us at [email protected]