Cosmetic Packaging


For over 55 years, Dante has been providing the cosmetics industry private-label solutions for everything from lipsticks, nail polish, eye-makeup, foundation, brushes, disposable applicators and more.  We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and the lowest possible pricing. Repeat business is our “Holy Grail” and we work hard to keep our customers, regardless of size, as happy as possible.


Dante has thousands of cosmetic packaging products that are ideal for any cosmetics company looking for innovative, eye-popping packaging. In the competitive world of cosmetic and bath products, it’s especially important that your products have “curb appeal”, especially since many customers are swayed by package design as well as functionality. Dante’s cosmetic containers and design concepts are the perfect tools to help you create appealing packaging at an affordable price.

Vinyl Bags and Pouches

Vinyl bags are one of the most popular containers for packaging cosmetic and bath bottles because of the its durability and rigidness, providing protection against accidental spills. At Dante, we have a wide variety of vinyl bags to serve your cosmetic packaging needs. In addition to functional vinyl, these cosmetic containers have a variety of lovely fabric accents, to create highly attractive packaging. These vinyl bags close with a drawstring.


Cans, Jars, and Bottles


Cans, jars, and bottles are probably the most useful type of containers for cosmetic and bath product packaging. Dante stocks owell over a thousand different containers for cosmetic packaging. Plastic bottles are extremely versatile, and we have a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We have plastic bath containers made of ecologically sound, P.E.T. plastic. These cosmetics containers come with screw-on caps, pumps and spray tops for moisturizers and sprays.


Affordable Packaging Products


Each one of the thousands of cosmetic and bath packaging items that we carry come at low, factory-direct prices. Dante is committed to providing our customers with high value packaging products and the most affordable prices possible with all their bulk buys.


If you need cosmetics and bath containers, or any other type of packaging material, look no farther than the vast inventory at Dante. If you need help navigating our wide selection, contact us at your earliest convenience. We have six decades of experience supplying packaging products for top name cosmetic industry icons and companies. Shop with Dante for all your packaging needs!


We provide the following cosmetic packaging supplies:


  • Glass and plastic jars of all sizes and shapes, custom made to     your specs
  • Cosmetic tubes of all sizes and applications
  • Custom boxes die cut and designed for your brand with your specs
  • Stick packets for samples and full-scale production runs
  • Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotions and Fragrance Pumps
  • Bottles plastic and glass,
  • Airless Bottles (PETG, PMMA, SAN, PP)
  • Lotion-filled (PET, PE, PP, PMA, SAN, Aluminum)

For factory direct pricing, please contact us at 855-506-0011 or email us at [email protected]