If you have packaging needs for tablets, vitamins, softgels, powders or any variety of nutraceuticals, Dante can provide customized solutions to meet your needs. We can provide Vitamin Packs and Tablet Pouches that are perfect for your supplement packaging needs.  Plastic or even glass bottles are the standard packaging defaults and we have bottles and jars (wide-mouth and regular) of every kind imaginable ensure your satisfaction.

We can help nutritional customers differentiate themselves with custom bottles and colors, as well as environmentally-friendly solutions such as post-consumer resins and light-weighted preforms.

Sports Nutrition Jars

Dante has a selection of plastic sports nutrition jars that are perfect for storing various kinds of protein powders, muscle building formulas, and vitamin supplements. We have clear PET round, squat jars, HDPE wide mouth bottles with white ribbed caps or natural HDPE straight sided jars with black ribbed lined caps as packaging options for your line of nutritional supplements!

Colored & Clear PET Pharmaceutical Bottles

Dante has a wide selection of colored, plastic, pharmaceutical bottles that are perfect for light sensitive nutritional supplements. Choose from a range of different colored pharmaceutical bottles ranging in size from 150 cc to 500 cc to package your light sensitive vitamin capsules and more. Call us for quotes.

Plastic Child Resistant Supplement Containers

These plastic supplement containers come with child resistant closures, which are ideal for keeping a child’s hands safely out of your supplements or medicine chest. We have the traditional child-resistant twist cap, as well as natural polypro squeeze top plastic vials with attached hinged lids. Consider using these bottles as an essential for children’s vitamin or supplement products.

Supplement Glass Vials and Bottles

We have a variety of glass vials with black phenolic PV lined caps with orifice reducers and droppers to dispense a small controlled amount of your product such as liquid vitamin supplements (i.e. vitamin B, CBD oil and vitamin K). Dante suggests using a variety of different colored glass vials to help your customers distinguish between your different products. We have a selection of clear glass supplement bottles which are great from a number of packaging needs. Choose from a smaller woozy or the more traditional style of old-fashioned vinegar bottles in 16 oz and 32 oz sizes. These are perfect for liquid formulas.

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